KEB F5 Hata Kodları

  • E. br Error! brake 56
    Error: can occur in the case of switched on brake control (see chapter
    6.9.5), if
    the load is below the minimum load level (Pn.43) at start up or the
    absence of an engine phase was detected
    the load is too high and the hardware current limit is reached

  • E.buS Error! Watchdog 18 Adjusted monitoring time (Watchdog) of communication between
    operator and PC / operator and inverter has been exceeded.

  • E.Cdd Error! calc. drive data 60 Error: During the automatic motor stator resistance measurement

  • E.co1 Error! counter overrun 1 54 Counter overflow encoder channel 1.

  • E.co2 Error! counter overrun 2 55 Counter overflow encoder channel
  • E.dOH Error! drive overheat 9
    Error: Overtemperature of motor PTC. Error can only be reset at E.ndOH,
    if PTC is again low-resistance. Causes:
    resistance at the terminals T1/T2 >1650 Ohm
    motor overloaded
    line breakage to the temperature sensor

  • E.dri Error! driver relay 51 Error: Driver relay. Relay for driver voltage on power circuit has not
    picked up even though control release was given.

  • E.EEP Error! EEPROM defective t 21 After reset the operation is again possible (without storage in the
  • E. EF Error! external fault 31 Error: External error. Is triggered, if a digital input is being programmed
    as external error input and trips.

  • E.EnC Error! Encoder cable 32 Cable breakage at the resolver or incremental encoder

  • E.Hyb Error! hybrid 52 Invalid encoder interface identifier.

  • E.HybC Error! hybrid changed 59 Error: Encoder interface identifier has changed, it must be confirmed
    over ec.0 or ec.10.

  • E.iEd Error! input error detect 53 Hardware failure at the NPN/PNP change-over or at the start/stop

  • E.InI Error! initialisation MFC 57 MFC not booted.

  • E.LSF Error! load shunt fault 15
    Load-shunt relay has not picked up. occurs for a short time during the
    switch-on phase, but must automatically be reset immediately. If the
    error message remains the following causes may be applicable:
    load-shunt defective
    input voltage wrong or too low
    high losses in the supply cable
    braking resistor wrongly connected or damaged
    braking module defective

  • E.ndOH no ERROR drive overheat 11 Motor temperature switch or PTC at the terminals T1/T2 is again in the
    normal operating range. The error can be reset now.

  • E.nOH no E. over heat pow.mod. 36 Temperature of the heat sink is again in the permissible operating range.
    The error can be reset now.

  • E.nOHI no ERROR overheat int. 7 No longer overheating in the interior E.OHI, interior temperature has
    fallen by at least 3°C
  • E.nOL no ERROR overload 17
    No more overload, OL-counter has reached 0%; after the error E.OL a
    cooling phase must elapse. This message appears upon completion of
    the cooling phase. The error can be reset now. The inverter must remain
    switched on during the cooling phase.

  • E.nOL2 no ERROR overload 2 20 The cooling time has elapsed. The error can be reset

  • E. OC Error! overcurrent 4
    Occurs, if the specified peak current is exceeded. Causes:
    acceleration ramps too short
    the load is too big at turned off acceleration stop and turned off constant
    current limit
    short-circuit at the output
    short-circuit at the output
    deceleration ramp too short
    motor cable too long
    DC brake at high ratings active (see 6.9.3)

  • E. OH Error! overheat pow.mod. 8
    Error: Overtemperature of power module. Error can only be reset at
    E.nOH. Causes:
    insufficient air flow at the heat sink (soiled)
    ambient temperature too high
    ventilator clogged

  • E.OH2 Error! motor protection 30 Electronic motor protective relay has tripped.

  • E.OHI Error! overheat internal 6 Error: Overheating in the interior: error can only be reset at E.nOHI, if
    the interior temperature has dropped by at least 3 °C.

  • E. OL Error! overload (Ixt) 16
    Error: Overload error can only be reset at E.nOL, if OL-counter reaches
    0% again. Occurs, if an excessive load is applied longer than for the
    permissible time (see technical data). Causes:
    poor control adjustment (overshooting)
    mechanical fault or overload in the application
    inverter not correctly dimensioned
    motor wrongly wired motor wrongly wired
    encoder damaged

  • E.OL2 Error! overload 2 19
    Occurs if the standstill constant current is exceeded (see technical data
    and overload characteristics). The error can only be reset if the cooling
    time has elapsed and E.nOL2 is displayed.

  • E. OP Error! Overvoltage 1
    Voltage in the DC-link circuit too high. Occurs when the DC bus voltage
    rises above the permissible value. Causes:
    poor controller adjustment (overshooting)
    input voltage too high
    interference voltages at the input
    deceleration ramp too short
    braking resistor defective or too small

  • E.OS Error! over speed 58 Real speed is bigger than the max. output speed.

  • E.PFC Error! Power factor control 33 Error in the power factor control

  • E.PrF Error! prot. rot. for. 46
    The drive has driven onto the right limit switch. Programmed response
  • „Error, restart after reset” (see chapter 6.7 „Response to errors or
    warning messages”).

  • E.Prr Error! prot. rot. rev. 47
    The drive has driven onto the left limit switch. Programmed response
    „Error, restart after reset” (see chapter 6.7 „Response to errors or
    warning messages”).

  • E. Pu Error! power unit 12 Error: General power circuit fault

  • E.Puci Error! Unknown power unit 49 Error: During the initialization the power circuit could not be recognized
    or was identified as invalid.