Kollmorgen S300, S400, S600, S700 Hata Kodları

Error Message F01Heat sink temperatureHeat sink temperature too high limit is set by manufacturer to 80°
Error Message F02OvervoltageOvervoltage in DC bus link, limit depends on the electrical supply voltage
Error Message F03Following errorMessage from the position controller
Error Message F04FeedbackCable break, short-circuit, short to ground
Error Message F05UndervoltageUndervoltage in DC bus link, limit is set by manufacturer to 100V
Error Message F06Motor temperatureMotor temperature too high or temp. sensor defect, limit is set by manufacturer to 145°C
Error Message F07Internal voltage supplyInternal amplifier supply voltages are out of tolerance
Error Message F08OverspeedMotor runs away, speed is too high
Error Message F09EEPROMChecksum error
Error Message F10S300: Signal Failure X5
S400/S600: Flash-EPROM
S700: Reserved
S300: Signal failure X5 (cable break or similar)
S400/S600: Checksum error
S700: Reserved
Error Message F11Brake (motor)Cable break, short-circuit, short to ground
Error Message F12Motor phaseMotor phase missing (cable break or similar)
Error Message F13S300/S700: Ambient temperature
S400/S600: Internal temperature
S300/S700: Ambient temperature too high
S400/S600: Internal temperature too high
Error Message F14Output stageFault in the power output stage, wrong motor cable or shield not connected
Error Message F15I²t max.I²t maximum value exceeded
Error Message F16Supply BTB/RTO2 or 3 phases missing in the mains supply feed
Error Message F17A/D converterError in the analog-digital conversion, normally caused by extreme electromagnetic interferences.
Error Message F18BrakeBrake circuit faulty or incorrect setting
Error Message F19S300/S700: DC Bus Link
S400/S600: Supply phase
S300/S700: DC bus link voltage breakdown
S400/S600: A phase is missing in the mains supply power feed (can be switched off for 2-phase operation)
Error Message F20Slot faultSlot error (hardware fault on expansion card), see parameter ERRCODE
Error Message F21Handling errorSoftware error on the expansion card
Error Message F22S300/S400/S700: reserved
S640/S670: Earth short circuit
S300/S400/S700: reserved
S640/S670: Earth short circuit
Error Message F23CAN Bus offSevere CAN bus communication error
Error Message F24WarningWarning is displayed as fault
Error Message F25Commutation errorCommutation error
Error Message F26Limit switchHoming error (machine has driven onto hardware limit switch)
Error Message F27STOOperational error with STO, input for STO-Enable  and ENABLE have been set at the same time.
Error Message F28S300/S700: Fieldbus Error
S400/S600: External Trajectory
S300/S700: see ASCII command reference
S400/S600: External position profile generator created a step, that exceeded the maximum value
Error Message F29Slot/Fieldbus ErrorDepends on expansion card, see parameter ERRCODE
Error Message F30Emergency TimeoutTimeout Not Stop
Error Message F31S400/S600: Macro Error
S700: Safety Supervision
S400/S600: Macro program error.
S700: Safety card supervision monitors an error (see file Error Codes). The safety card error code message is given in the display with:
oXX : Safety Error Number
iYY : Safety Error Subindex
Error Message F32System Errorsystem software not responding correctly