Torque Motor Repaır

Torque motor repair is our highly experienced program of maintenance and repair department team. We aim to be considered as the most reliable and reputed service provider for torque motor repair in Turkey and Middle East. Especially, we are experienced with Liebherr, Oswald, Abb, Siemens, Baumuller, Kollmorgen brands torque motors. We can produce all types of grades magnets of rotor, rewinding more than 24 poles number. In addition we have capability alignment of encoder, resolver, synchro, vr resolver, hall sensors, serial encoder up to resolution 25 bit. Below you can see other steps of maintenance.

  • Rewinding for high temperature, shocks
  • Low speed high torque bearings replacement
  • High pressure bearing grease
  • High temperature replacement seal
  • Replacement of encoder, resolvers belt
  • Load test up to 1000 Nm at 100 rpm
  • Magnet replacement of rotor regarded of grades
  • VPI vernice is not applied to a maintanence torque motors as of totally closed epoksy of stator coils for insulation protection.
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