Lenze Hata Kodları

C00345 CAN error
C00359 CAN status
C00360/1 CAN stuffing bit error counter
C00360/2 CAN format error counter
C00360/3 CAN acknow. error counter
C00360/4 CAN bit 1 error counter
C00360/5 CAN bit 0 error counter
C00360/6 CAN CRC error counter
C00360/7 CAN Tx telegram counter
C00360/8 CAN Rx telegram counter
C00361/1 CAN bus load: Current node load in Tx direction
C00361/2 CAN bus load: Current node load in Rx direction
C00361/3 CAN bus load: Current node load of faulty telegrams
C00361/4 CAN bus load: Node peak load in Tx direction
C00361/5 CAN bus load: Node peak load in Rx direction
C00361/6 CAN bus load: Node peak load of faulty telegrams
C00390 CAN error register (DS301V402)

C00057/1 Maximum torque
C00057/2 Motor reference torque
C00059 Motor – number of pole pairs
C00060 Motor pole angle
C00061 Heatsink temperature
C00062 Interior temperature
C00063 Motor temperature
C00064 Device utilisation (Ixt) during the last 180 seconds
C00065 Ext. 24-V voltage
C00066 Thermal motor load (I2xt)
C00068 Capacitor temperature
C00069 CPU temperature
C00178 Time the controller was enabled (elapsed-hour meter)
C00179 Power-up time (power-on time meter)
C00186 ENP: Identified motor type

C00120 Motor overload protection (I²xt)
C00121 Motor temp. warning threshold
C00122 Heatsink temp. warn. threshold
C00123 Device utilisation warning threshold
C00126 CPU temp. warning threshold
C00127 Mot. overload warning threshold
C00128 Thermal time constant of motor
C00174 Undervoltage (LU) threshold
C00570 Warning thres. brake transistor
C00572 Warning thres. brake resistor
C00576 Speed monitoring tolerance
C00596 Threshold max. speed reached
C00599 Motor phase failure threshold
C00620 Max. motor current threshold